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It isn't easy having a child - we all know that. One second, you turn yoiur back and they are getting into trouble! Here are some ideas to help prevent those accidents in the home, which really do cause much heartache; it is worth taking time to read this.
Charities Kids Charity Showcase

The shocking truth about kids accidents, and ten ways to avoid them

Now, I don’t like to create alarm, and this post is certainly not intended to do this at all. What we are trying to do is raise awareness of how easy it is for: a) A child to have an accident in the home, and most importantly, b) Prevent those accidents with our kids. That […]

by Helen • September 22, 2015
Charities Kids Charity Showcase

Introducing the One Feeds Two Foundation

  It’s November and I am not ashamed to say that the launch of the new John Lewis advert has already got me feeling slightly festive. I am not usually so easily taken in by these adverts, if anything I am the ‘bah humbug’ guy who leaves Christmas until the 24th. However, this year is […]

by J P • November 27, 2014
Kids Charity Showcase

Charity Showcase: The Children’s Media Foundation

  Greg Childs, Director of the Children’s Media Foundation has some helpful strategies to navigate the kids and media minefield. My son’s in his twenties now.  He was brought up with the internet, started to learn to read by playing video games, and is one of the generation for whom watching TV has nothing […]

by April 18, 2014
Children's Society
Kids Charity Showcase

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society was founded in 1881 by a Sunday school teacher and civil servant, Edward Rudolph after he found himself confronted by the brutal effects of poverty on young children.  When two young boys failed to turn up for his Sunday school, Rudolph went to look for them and was shocked to find them […]

by Xuan Le • December 17, 2013
Kids Charity Showcase

Body and Soul – Supporting those with HIV #WorldAidsDay

Body & Soul, the leading UK charity supporting children, teenagers and families living with and affected by HIV was founded in 1996 by current Director Emma Colyer MBE. Emma recognised the urgent need for specialist support for children and families affected by HIV and Body & Soul was born. Today Body & Soul is the […]

by November 28, 2013
Lively Minds
Kids Charity Showcase

Kids #Charity Showcase – Lively Minds

Government lawyer Alison Naftalin, then aged 27, was inspired to set up overseas development charity Lively Minds following 2 months volunteering at a primary school in Tamale, Ghana, in July 2007. Alison says of her time teaching in Tamale: The school had over 70 children crammed into a classroom with no books or resources. The […]

by Lively Minds • November 11, 2013
Kids Charity Showcase

Have you heard of the social enterprise?

I discovered a new term a few week’s ago – social enterprises. Prince Charles, who I have rather a soft spot for, is patron of the charity Business in the Community. This promotes responsible business, and social enterprises are one of the models that it is supporting. These organisations give over 50% of their profits […]

by Helen • October 8, 2013