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5 things to think about for a perfect kids bedroom loft conversion

Lofts aren’t just for storage you know – they can actually be turned into a perfect kids bedroom loft conversion that’s magical, and a fun space. In fact, you would be surprised at how wonderful a space lofts can really be for kids. That space at the top of the house, can be made to feel that little bit more perfect, if you approach the conversion with a little extra sparkle.

Perfect Kids Bedroom

1. Let their be light

Windows in a loft conversion are absolutely critical for insuring that there is enough light and life for the kids during the day, BUT it is also important for you at night to be able to blackout the room, so that you are given enough chances to get proper sleep. No-one wants to be woken at 5am because the sun is up and the dormer window let in too much light! Consider tight blinds on any windows you add, but why not make them colourful too, so they add the the sense of fun in the room?

Perfect Kids Bedroom Loft Conversion

Don’t forget if you do add a dormer to a loft – you may need to look into planning permission, as this changes the outside aesthetic of the house, and neighbours may be overlooked.

2. Take a look down

Consider the flooring. This is the room at the top of the house. If your kids are anything like mine, there can be a lot of bumping, jumping and general chaos in their rooms during the day. So we all know what that means – loud bangs and crashing in the rooms below while your 10-year old does cartwheels in their room (!).

With this in mind, make sure that the flooring you use adds another layer of sound-proofing to the room, so that you aren’t disturbed all the time by your children’s antics up there.

Well – unless of course you need to be fore-warned about what’s going on….

Maybe pick some thick underlay and nice carpets, don’t go for wooden flooring that’d make it sound like there is a heard of elephants living at the top of the house. As tempting as it might be style-wise, it could be a mistake if you don’t want a headache.

Kids Loft Conversion

3. Add an ensuite

Depending on how much room you have up in the loft, you might want to consider an ensuite – particularly if the room is going to be for a tween or a teen. It could be a great addition to the house, and will also help keep the main bathroom freer in the mornings – which isn’t a bad thing.

Having an ensuite could also prove very effective when a younger child is potty training too…!

Kids Loft Conversion En-suite

4. Think out of the box

What do we mean by that? Make it magical – that means that depending on the age of the child, think a little bit about what they are going to find cool and funky. Try and get crazy imaginative if you can. So ask a few off the wall questions when you are planning it:

  • What about a sleeping platform in the roof space?
  • What about a special place for them to colour the walls?
  • How about some bunk beds if it is for two kids?
  • What about thinking about building beds into the wall – if that’s possible?
  • Have you thought about a theme?
  • Don’t fill it will furniture, kids like lots of space to play so consider that?
  • You’ll need a lot of storage – how can you make that practical for younger kids, and cool and funky for older ones as they grow?
  • What about space for books too – can we have some shelving that adds to that “den” feel we might want to create for the kids? How about a book corner even?

Here are some ideas for what you can think about – but there are plenty of other “out of the box” thoughts you might have. Challenge yourself to be creative and you never know what you might come up with!

Kids Bedroom Loft Conversion Safety

5. Safety first

When you are converting the loft, there are usually a few new features added to the house to actually get into the room concerned; some opt for funky spiral staircases, some put in a new set of stairs, and there are even opens for side-down ladders.

If you are converting into a kids bedroom though, you need to think about access not only in terms of style, but also safety. Most parents would add in a complete set of stairs, and then use a stair gate, if there is a younger child involved.

For older kids, there are more options, and you could opt for an entry into the loft that makes the room seem even more “den-like” and gives you cool points with your tweens or teens. There are plenty of amazing ideas out there, so why not take a look? Just bear in mind that safety IS critical not just for your child, but siblings and friends as well.

We do hope that you like these ideas from us – let us know how you get on.

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