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Win a bundle of awesome Lonely Planet Kids Books

Come explore! Let’s start an adventure with Lonely Planet Kids, with books that excite and educate children about the amazing world around them. We’ve got a bundle of all these books to give away to our wonderful readers courtesy of this wonderful kids’ book company. Why wouldn’t you enter today?

A Chance to Win A Bundle Of Awesome Lonely Planet Kids Books

Out this autumn, Lonely Planet Kids have five incredible new books that aim to inspire children about the world and what can be found within it. Travel back 200 million years to the days of the dinosaurs, meet over 100 fascinating animals from across the globe, discover how earth, air, fire and water shaped the globe, step into the world’s greatest little museum – in book form! – and explore the incredible world of animal architects.

Combining astonishing facts, quirky humour and eye-catching imagery, these books draw on Lonely Planet’s huge team of global experts to help share what makes the world such a diverse and special place, and ignite curiosity amongst readers to discover more.

Just so you know what you could win, we have:

Lonely Planet Kids: The Animal Book (Ages 8-12)

Meet more than 100 fascinating animals from across the globe and see the remarkable ways we interact with them. This new book takes a walk through the wild side of every continent on earth, featuring creatures from the majestic grey wolf to the humble pigeon. Each page is packed with incredible facts and stunning photographs and illustrations, and also explores how you can learn to help protect wildlife and the planet.

Lonely Planet Kids: Dinosaur Atlas (Ages 5-8)

Travel back over 200 million years to discover a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This action-packed book features unfolding maps and flaps to lift to reveal amazing facts and how, where and when dinosaurs lived and how to discover more about the people who unearthed them!

Lonely Planet Kids: The Big Earth Book (Ages 8+)

Learn how the the world was shaped by earth, fire, air and water, creating everything we see today. Packed with amazing facts, stunning photography and illustrations, The Big Earth Book explores the world around us in science, history, geography and the environment, taking a whirlwind tour of the past, present and future of our planet!

Lonely Planet Kids: The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders (Ages 8+)

Welcome to the world’s greatest little museum – in book form. Selecting the strangest, weirdest and, above all, most fascinating objects from some of the world’s leading museums, this engaging book is great for discovering the wonderful world of museums. Presented in themed cabinets, from monster hunters to archaeologists, turn the pages and lift the flaps to discover these amazing treasures and read their fascinating stories.

Lonely Planet Kids: How Animals Build(Ages 5-8)

Animals are amazing architects – lift the flaps and open gatefolds to discover amazing animal homes in this new book from Lonely Planet Kids. From spider’s webs to rabbit warrens, discover extraordinary structures on land and under the sea, and discover how they’re built, whether up high or underground.

All you need to do to enter, is to full out the Gleam widget below, and you are away. And, of course, if you share your unique link and more people enter the competition, then you can gain even more entries to the giveaway for yourself.

Win bundle of Lonely Planet kids books!

This competition closes on Thursday 9th November at 11.59pm, and is open to the U.K. and Ireland only. All our standard terms and conditions apply as well.

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Win a bundle of awesome Lonely Planet Kids Books

Note: This is a sponsored giveaway.

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Lia Burns

Thursday 9th of November 2017

My son Lewis loves the backyard explorer book as there’s so many great ideas

Kay Broomfield

Thursday 9th of November 2017

Secrets of the Nile would appeal to my son.

Natalie Crossan

Thursday 9th of November 2017

How Cities Work - my daughter is fascinated by them :D xxx

Kate Davies

Thursday 9th of November 2017

My little boy wants to be an astronaut so he would love how to be a space explorer.

Pia S

Thursday 9th of November 2017

We have the backyard explorer book and it was a total godsend last summer, our boys had so much fun filling it up but looking at all the amazing books, I'm drawn to the first words French as we have family living over there and all our holidays are spent in France

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