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Win £150+ of Dino Playmobil (3 sets available)

Are you ready for a prehistoric adventure that will captivate both children and adults alike? We have an amazing giveaway for you if you love Playmobil dinosaurs, and/or Playmobil. We are thrilled to announce an exciting giveaway featuring the popular Dino Playmobil range.

This is your chance to win some of the most adored sets from the collection, each providing endless hours of imaginative play and educational fun. You can win one of each of the following, and we have THREE of these to give away:

The image shows a promotional advertisement for a Playmobil Dinos Bundle giveaway, featuring several boxes of dinosaur-themed Playmobil sets.

Below is more information on the amazing Playmobil sets here – do take a look and then scroll down further for how to enter the giveaway on site. There are, of course, three chances for you to win as we have three prizes!

Meanwhile – don’t forget the amazing resources for dino lovers that we have on site too, including our certificates and charts which you can make with a dinosaur theme!

Research Camp with Dinos

The Research Camp with Dinos set is perfect for aspiring paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts. This comprehensive playset includes a detailed research camp complete with a laboratory equipment, tools, everything necessary for conducting field studies. The set features various dinosaur figures, including a Stegosaurus and Deinonychus, allowing kids to create dynamic and thrilling scenarios. The attention to detail encourages educational play as children learn about different dinosaur species and their habitats.

Dinos: T-Rex

The T-Rex set is a must-have for any dinosaur collection. This set showcases a realistic and imposing T-Rex figure, known for its massive size and fearsome jaws. Accompanied by a brave explorer figure, this set allows kids to dive into adventurous stories of survival and exploration – T-Rex tracks have been found and you get to explore with them! The T-Rex’s movable limbs and head make it interactive and engaging, enhancing the play experience and sparking curiosity about this iconic dinosaur species.

Observatory for Dimophordon

For those intrigued by flying dinosaurs, the Observatory for Dimophordon set offers a unique play experience. This set includes an observatory equipped with all the tools needed for observing and studying pterosaurs. The Dimophordon figure, with its impressive wingspan, can be positioned in various flight poses, adding a layer of realism to the play. Children can imagine themselves as scientists uncovering the mysteries of these fascinating flying reptiles. This set even includes a drone!

Stegosaurus Nest with Egg Thief

The Stegosaurus Nest with Egg Thief set focuses on the nurturing side of dinosaur life. It features a Stegosaurus mother protecting her nest of eggs from a crafty egg thief, the Velociraptor. This set comes with multiple dinosaur figures, including the baby Stegosaurus and the sneaky predator, creating scenarios of family dynamics and survival. The inclusion of eggs and an egg thief figure encourages storytelling and can be used to help teach children the life cycles of dinosaurs.

Dinos: Archaeological Dig with Dino Skeleton\

Bringing history to life, the Archaeological Dig with Dino Skeleton set allows children to step into the shoes of an archaeologist. This set includes excavation tools, a detailed dino skeleton for assembly, and a dig site backdrop. Kids can simulate the discovery process, digging up bones and putting together a complete dinosaur skeleton. This hands-on activity promotes learning about fossils and the importance of archaeology in understanding Earth’s history.

How to Enter the Playmobil Dinosaurs Giveaway

As always you need to use the Gleam widget we have for you below to enter, and be in with a chance to win with Playmobil Dino and KiddyCharts:

£150+ Playmobil Dinos bundle for dinosaur fans everywhere (3 available)

There are a few options for you to enter, so why don’t you give them all a go, for more chances to win?

  • Visiting the Playmobil Dinos range on their website to check out what you can win, and perhaps for the future. We know that kids love these toys, and they have so much great play value. Dinosaurs are Go!
  • Follow PlaymobilUK on X (formerly Twitter), as well as following KiddyCharts too, just so you hear more about our awesome giveaways,
  • And sign up to our giveaways newsletter for the same reason of course. We are only really working with companies that offer us great prizes, and those of good value these days too,
  • Check out the printable section within the site, and see whether you like what you see. We would love to have you come back of course,
  • Share on X (formerly Twitter) details of the competition with your followers, and finally
  • Share your unique link, and if others enter you have more chances to win.

The giveaway will run until Thursday the 11th July at 11.59pm, and winners will be announced in the widget as soon as we have them. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring home these incredible Playmobil Dino sets! Our usual competitions terms and conditions apply.

Do join our giveaways mailing list when you have a second too:

Thanks so much for coming to see us – and we hope to see you again.

The image advertises a giveaway for a £150 bundle of Playmobil Dino sets with three available. It includes a call-to-action button saying 'LEARN MORE'.

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Tamara Payne

Thursday 11th of July 2024

Observatory for Dimorphodon - My son loves flying dinos

Chris Fletcher

Wednesday 10th of July 2024

T-Rex trace path - got to love the King!

Alice lightning

Wednesday 10th of July 2024

All are great but the archeological dig for dinosaurbones. Would not only be ful but educational along the way

Sheri Darby

Tuesday 9th of July 2024

Stegosaurus nest with egg thief because stegosaurus is my daughter's favourite dinosaur

Megan Kinsey

Tuesday 9th of July 2024

I love the Archaeological dig with dinosaur skeleton because making discoveries like this gives such a sense of satisfaction.

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