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We know our readers love a good giveaway, and what more could you want then over £6000 of baby related goods, eh? In which case, pop on over the and get your name down.

If you name isn’t down, then you ain’t coming in, right?!?!

The Bump to Baby competition from nursery trader runs every three months, and has some amazing prizes for you all, from baby carriers to pushchairs, changing bags to toddler suitcases, nappies to clothing vouchers and much more. The giveaway closes on the 31st October, and the winner is drawn on the 1st November.

Just see what you could win!

Bump to Baby: What can you win

To celebrate, we also have some Nursery Trader VIP passes to give away, so that next time the competition happens you will automatically be in the draw with 25 entries, and a maximum of 100 entries possible too. Not only that, you will have more of a chance of winning as well. VIP passes are usually £6.00 each, and every little helps in the run up to Christmas, right? We have five to give away to five different lucky winners!

Usual gig – hit me with your Rafflecopter entries – and nip along to our other giveaways too; we have some great stuff too, though not quite £6000 worth yet! ;-) hurray though, you only have four days to enter this one, as we are counting down to the close of the Bump to Baby competition!

Finally, in the lead up to Christmas, we are going to be doing a giveaway a day for all you lovely people in our special KiddyCharts Advent Calendar, so do join the mailing list for this so you don’t miss out when the giveaways are released.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you wish to enter this giveaway, please read the KiddyCharts giveaway terms and conditions beforehand. This giveaway is open to all UK residents over 18. The giveaway ends at 11.59pm on Thursday 31st October, so you had better get on with it!

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