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Eco friendly gift guide for kids: Win £200 of toys and gifts!

(This post contains affiliate links). We have another amazing gift guide for kids, plus a giveaway for you. Yes, we are making a habit of this 😉. There has been so much in the news about sustainability, we thought it would be worth putting together an eco friendly gifts guide together for you, with some sustainable gifts. These choices for kids toys (and some gifts) help them to learn a little bit more about the earth around them.

Everything in this guide is either made from recycled materials, more sustainable resources, or focused on helping kids to become more educated about the earth.

Before you find out what we are including in our gift guide for kids, do take a look at the other exciting free resources we have on the site for learning within our printables. We actually have a very popular habitat sorting game for kids, to help them understand a little more about animals and their environments.

Our gift guide for you includes:

  • Gorgeous bundle of educational toys from Learning Resources, including The Complete Rock Collection (RRP £68.00), Giant Magnetic Water Cycle (RRP £17.00) and the ultimate learning tool about our world, a Puzzle Globe (RRP £28.50),
  • Wonderful collection of all six Little World sets from My Little Worlds (RRP £29.94),
  • Gorgeous fabric photo album to capture memories with My 1st Photos (RRP £25.00),
  • Some lovely wooden collectible jigsaw sets from Eugy (RRP £12.99 each, for the giveaway, we are expected to be giving away two of these, but dependent on stock levels), and
  • A bug viewer from Brainstorm to help the kids find out about the life around them (RRP £11.99)

That is over £200 of fabulous toys / gifts do YOUR bit!

We hope you love the look of these toys as much as we do. Why not think a little bit more whenever you buy something for the children about its impact on our environment?

  • What is the packaging like? Is there are lot, or are the manufacturers trying to keep things to a minimum?
  • Is the packaging made from recyclable material, or the toy itself?
  • Does it offer a learning moment to the children about the world around them to help them become good earth citizens?

Every little thing we do make a different; all those little things add up to something bigger.

You can now find out a little bit more about all these ideas. You can also win them all by entering the gift guide giveaway by scrolling down. We do reserve the right to change prizes based on stock levels. The closing date for the giveaway is Thursday 20th June at 11.59pm.

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Eco-friendly gifts: A guide for kids

To sum up; the gifts and toys we are including here are either greener, or relevant to learning about the planet. We do hope you like our thoughts on gifts – and don’t forget, if you scroll down, you can enter a giveaway to win them all too!

gift guide for kids.

Learning Resources educational toys

Gift Guide for kids.

We have picked three toys from Learning Resources that are perfect to help your kids to understand the world around them.

The Complete Rock Collection (RRP £60)

Gift Guide for kids.

This is a complete set of the rock collections that Learning Resources offer for sale individually covering:

  • Fossils,
  • Igneous Rocks,
  • Metamorphic Rocks,
  • Minerals, and
  • Sedimentary Rocks.

Your kids won’t fail to be delighted to receive these and will proudly display them in their rooms, we are sure. There are nearly 60 rocks in total that help teach the kids about the earth. Beautiful, and educational – perfect.

Each individual set includes a selection of handpicked specimens, a colour
identification chart, labels, storage tray and activity guide.

Giant Magnetic Water Cycle (RRP £28.50)

Gift guide for kids.

Good for home and classroom learning to help kids understand all about the water cycle from condensation to evaporation. The six fabulous giant magnets might even teach parents a thing or two as well. The key stages of the life cycle are represented here; evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, surface runoff, and infiltration.

Bet you don’t know what they all mean? 😂

This is great for teaching children about how important the water cycle is, and how we wouldn’t be able to survive without it. The water cycle is extremely sustainable as it constantly recycles the water on earth.

Puzzle Globe (RRP £17.00)

A classic toy, modernised. This is a jigsaw puzzle that teaches kids where the different countries of the world and located, and then turns into a permanent globe in a child’s bedroom. Another toy yo take pride of place on a bookshelf – perhaps alongside their rock collection?

The puzzle includes six continents to place, and the relevant labels, and can be turned a full 360 degrees for ease. This is a great way for getting smaller children interested in Geography.

This product is perfect for teaching children about the environment and how it is being affected in different parts of the world. It Knows about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. The product also encourages kids to talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another, and makes observations about animals and plants, as well as explaining why some things occur, and talks about changes.

My Little Worlds craft sets (RRP £4.99 each – 6 to win)

These are simply adorable – there are a collection of six available to buy at only £4.99 each from My Little Worlds. The sets cover:

These little craft sets are designed to foster kids imaginations, and to both help them to understand the world around them, alongside fostering an active imagination. The sets offer pretend play value in fantasy worlds, alongside real-life locations, such as the airport and emergency services.

Encourage your kids to step away from their screens into little worlds of their own making!

My 1st photos fabric album (RRP £25 for 10 pages)

This is such an original idea from My 1st Photos; a toy for baby, that turns into a wonderful keepsake for you. We love this. Babies find pictures of themselves fascinating for the early years of their life, so this will keep them entertained. And as long as you don’t mind a little dribble on the fabric book, the photo album turns into a gorgeous memento of their time as a baby/toddler. 😉😉😉

Books are customisable, made from non toxic ink (of course), and could be a really original gift for a baby’s first birthday, or a new parent too. As it is fabric and a keepsake, the product is sustainable, but the company also use minimal postage in sending it out too. 😉

Eugy 3D wooden puzzles (RRP £12.99 – three to give away)

Gift Guide for kids alligator.

These are the prefect environmentally friendly collectable., so a must for our eco friendly gift guide for kids. Collectables are notorious for contributed to the horrendous plastics toy mountain! Eugy 3D puzzles are manufactured with earth-friendly, and importantly biodegradable card. They also use eco-friendly ink and non-toxic glue in the sets too. Perfect for aspiring green campaigners.

They are part of the Brainstorm toy collection and take only 10-20 minutes to put together; though with my fingers, I expect they would take a wee bit longer. 😀

Brainstorm outdoor adventure bug viewer

Gift guide for kids.

One of the most important things in teaching kids to be green, is helping them to understand the importance of the nature that exists around them; to embrace it in all its forms, and this includes bugs and spiders!

This outdoor adventure bug viewer from Branstorm should help to remove some of the trepidation that some children might have in coming face to face with bugs, by offering them a safe environment to explore them.

Hope we haven’t scared you with the spider 🕷 🤭.

Here are our top picks – do YOU have anything you would like to add?

How to enter our eco friendly gifts giveaway

It isn’t hard to enter this eco-friendly gift guide for kids giveaway – just put in the details within the Gleam widget below, and we can track the entries that you make.

Do as many tasks as you can, as the more you do, the more chances you have to win.

Remember there is only one winner of ALL these toys and gifts, so make sure it is YOU!

Win a Sustainability toys and gift guide bundle with c. £200 of goodies!

The closing date for this gift guide for kids giveaway is Thursday 20th June at 11.59pm; so get a wiggle on and you won’t miss out.

All the usual terms apply to this giveaway; check them out and if you have any queries, do let me know.

>> Don’t forget to check out the other giveaways on the site <<

Hope to see you again on here soon as well.

Are you looking for eco friendly gifts for the kids - or perhaps some toys that teach them about the environment. Check out our gift guide for kids now! And win if it is before 20th June, 2019 #giftguide #kids #green #eco #ecofriendly

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Edward Guerreiro

Thursday 20th of June 2019

I really like the look of the Puzzle Globe. It seems like a fun way to learn about all of the other countries in the world.

lynn neal

Thursday 20th of June 2019

The puzzle globe is my favourite item because I coud help my grandchildren to learn about other countries!

Fellina Judson

Thursday 20th of June 2019

The puzzle globe! As much as they can learn the world it will also help with fine motor skills


Thursday 20th of June 2019

The Brainstorm outdoor adventure bug viewer would keep my son entertained for hours! great prize xx

Dawn Samples

Thursday 20th of June 2019

I like the puzzle globe because it would enable my children to learn the location of each country in a fun way x

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