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Now, more than ever we are finding ourselves with a lot more extra time than we are used to. That’s not only true of ourselves but also when it comes to our little ones. Sure, we have homeschooling to do, but what about an activity that combines a bit of fun with some learning. To help you out during this quarantine we have a fab offer for you – a free Readly trial!

If you like to read magazines then you must have heard of Readly. The Readly app lets you read 1,500 magazines for only £7.99 a month. Unbelievably you get access to all the back issues, and can read them whenever you want, pretty much whenever you want.

2 months free Readly trial on KiddyCharts

To help get us through this time we have a free Readly trial for our readers! You get ONE MONTHS for free! Use your free trial to help pick up some new hobbies or just have a relaxing read in the bath.

And yes – that really is a whole ONE MONTH free for every single one of you; no commitment, just sign up and you can see the breadth of magazines that the Readly app has to offer.

It really is a wonderful new way to read, and lets you use your account on up to five devices, so it isn’t just for you, it is for the family as well. Which means you can get the kids into their own magazines whilst you delve into yours!

2 months free Readly app trial on KiddyCharts

What magazines can you read on Readly?

There are so many magazines to choose from on the Readly trial that you are bound to find one that works for you. This is just a really small selection of what you can find:

Magazines for Kids

Toxic, Beano, Hossible Histories, Creative Steps and Ink Pellet,

Photography magazines

Photography week, Digital camera, Digital Camera World, and

For the sports lover

World Soccer, Cycling Weekly, and Four Four Two.

There are 33,863 issues in the app and a staggering 1,617 magazine titles. For £7.99, which is about the price of two large Latte’s you get access to enough gorgeous magazine articles to give you enough reading material for planes, trains and toilets over the next 50 years!

If you don’t find something you like, I’ll eat my iPhone.

Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.

I am also not just saying this about Readly, we use it, and we pay for it. We have had the pleasure of reviewing the app, and had a six month trial, and we have stuck with it.

Everything I am telling you about it is as a consumer, and not a paid writer.

In this modern world, we need all the encouragement we can get to stop, and take stock. We should be encouraging our kids, our partners, and our dogs (well may not that) to sit back and read a magazine. The modern world EXPECTS magazines to be available anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Now they really are.

Get your risk free trial now!

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We hope you take advantage of this fantastic free Readly offer and enjoy reading with your family.


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