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Halloween colouring pages for kids

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Believe it or not, Halloween will be upon us soon. Halloween is a fabulous time for having fun with the children; and we’ve got loads of amazing free resources for it. However, we suddenly realised we didn’t have any halloween colouring pages for kids – and so we wondered what on earth we were playing at – and got some sorted for you!

We have actually put a little eBook together on this, which we hope you will agree contains some rather run and fabulous illustrations, suitable for the kids to have a go at in the run up to Halloween. The pictures are actually SO CUTE, we think that perhaps you might like to do them all year round.

There are 12 halloween colouring pages within the eBook. They are, in order:

  1. Pumpkin carvings in front of a fabulous haunted house,
  2. Rather spooky tree,
  3. Witch with her cauldron,
  4. Vampire, witch, and a ghost in a spooky car,
  5. Witch on her broom with a ghost,
  6. Witch, vampire and a ghost in a pumpkin,
  7. Vampire trick or treating with a grave,
  8. Owl with a witches hat,
  9. Witch stirring her cauldron with her spellbook,
  10. Witch, ghost and a vampire hiding behind a grave,
  11. Carved pumpkin scarecrow, and
  12. Witch with her cat by a cauldron

Our favourite is the owl – we do love a bit of a Two-Wit-Two-Who! Is that even how you spell that?!?

To download the full eBook scroll down to the end of this article and you can click on the circular image to get it. However, if you would like to see all the images beforehand, why not check them out here – we have provided pictures of them all for you, so that you can see each of them in turn.

Halloween colouring pages:
Pumpkin carvings and haunted house

The pumpkins here are a little spooky – but not so spooky that younger kids will be too scared. Why not get them to design their own pumpkins here, instead of the usual orange?


Spooky Tree

This is probably the “scariest” of our pictures, and it isn’t really too bad is it? We think this guy looks a little like the Ents in the Middle Earth Tolkien books – do you agree?

Halloween Colouring

Witch and Cauldron

This witch features a few times in our collection – she isn’t too terrifying as witches go though. She almost looks like she is making a brew in that cauldron….

Halloween Colouring Pages

Spooky characters in a car

You still have to drive places if you are a ghost don’t you?!? Well this one does, and he’s got his vampire and witch friends to help him out this Halloween….

Halloween Colouring Pages for Kids

Witch on a broom with a ghost

We aren’t entirely sure what the ghost is doing floating about quite that close to a witch on her broom….perhaps she hasn’t taken off properly yet?

Colouring Pages for Kids

Everyone’s IN the pumpkin

That is one hec of a big pumpkin to get all these spooky characters in it wouldn’t you agree? Again…that witch really isn’t scaring us too much. Neither are the vampire and the ghost, but the pumpkin does look a little more like it may have a mean Halloween streak….?

Pages for Kids

Trick or treating vampire

Everyone KNOWS that vampires love sweets and chocolates, right? Well this one seems to and has already managed to fill up his trick or treating bucket.

Halloween Fabulous Illustrations

Owl with a witches hat

This is our favourite of all the pictures – perhaps because it is the cutest of them all. The owl just looks helpful, and wouldn’t scare us at all. Might teach you more than scare you….

Halloween eBook Colouring Pages

Witch, cauldron and spellbook

Our rather lovely witch is back – this time stirring the cauldron, with her spellbook in hand. Perhaps she is thinking of which spell to cast so she can get the most sweets trick or treating?

Hiding behind the grave

We think that all these characters might have been playing a game of hide and seek behind the grave and they have just decided to finish / give up….?

Scarecrow pumpkin

This is another one that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Some might say this is scarier than the spooky tree earlier in the eBook. Depends on whether you get a little worried by scarecrows anyway we suspect….

Witch and her cat

You cannot have a witch without having a cat – and this cute witch is no exception. She DOES have a cat, and they are almost as adorable as she is 😉

These are just amazing, we hope you would agree. We rather LOVE a good colouring book, and these are perfect aren’t they. As we said, to download, you just need to click on the circular image below.

It IS free, but if you would like to donate a little more to the cause, why not help our charity and give us a tiny donation to say THANK YOU.

We promise that 80%+ of the money we raise on this site goes to our charity at the very least.

We do have a few other free halloween resources too, despite only just getting sorted halloween colouring pages; we do have quite a few other cool halloween ideas. Why not take a quick look?

Halloween craft ideas for kids

If you are a Halloween fan, these Halloween craft ideas for kids, alongside some of our printables are perfect for making sure your Halloween goes as spookily as you want it to.

There are lots of other ideas for Halloween out there too – you might like some of these thoughts for the kids too:

Halloween craft ideas for kids off site

If you don't know where to start off site in looking for Halloween ideas for the kids - why not take a look at these?

We think there are some fabulous ideas above for you all, and we hope that you will come back to the site soon for more fun. If you like what you see – why not subscribe to our weekly (typically) email list?

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Take care and happy colouring,


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