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Positive Parents: A bit of belief and practise goes a long way….

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Playing the Clarinet

Playing the Clarinet

We always try to be positive parents with our children; that way they can be more positive too…

The last few days have been our daughter’s show case. On Thursday, the boys and I, armed with cheddars, cereal bars and a packet of Haribos each, sat through the music club concert and their sister’s rendition of Puff the Magic Dragon on the clarinet. They all did really well, players and audience alike, with complete pieces. Some of them did struggle a little particularly with sitting quietly.

The next morning she was a queen in her class assembly. Again participants and audience did really well, the oldest with his class and the youngest distracted, amused, or maybe both, with a pot of dried apricots and cheerios!

Then, it was on to her first clarinet exam – Grade 1. We were both a little nervous – me trying not to show it so she wouldn’t pick it up from me, while she was worried about squeaking (which can happen if you blow too hard into your clarinet).

We have tried to instil a “can do” attitude, balanced with the idea that the practise and effort they put in will make it easier, and that the belief that “I can do it” will take them a long way on the road to success – BUT when the immediate first response is “I can’t do it”, it does feel like a steep uphill struggle trying to get them to believe us!

Seems like an uphill battle, but practise makes perfect

Seems like an uphill battle, but practise makes perfect

Anyway back to the exam – her teacher came out saying only one small squeak and then she emerged with a grin:

“It was OK.”

Perhaps next time there will be less of the “I can’ts” and more of the “I cans,” with some understanding that practise helps!

Wouldn’t that be nice?!?

I feel this is a conversation that will continue to occur in many different guises whether for homework, music, sport, exams and even job applications.

Now we simply await the exam results; yet another pattern I am sure will be repeated.

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

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