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Quick, delicious and easy dinner ideas every day for busy people #mademyday

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I love cooking. Most of all though, I love cooking for the kids, and my husband. Sometimes though, I really struggle for dinner ideas, and inspiration.

We are all permanently tired, right? So coming up with weird and wacky ways to present Broccoli so the kids will eat it is probably not high up on our to do lists….

Fed up with trying to find new ways to give the kids Broccoli, then why not Dinner4Tonight a bash?

I so want to be able to vary what we eat, without going out of my way to search for recipes, or spending ages looking for that ever elusive ingredient on the supermarket selves.

So as a working mum, I need easy dinner ideas fast. Preferably dinner ideas that won’t mean I have to slave away in the kitchen for hours after ferrying the kids from this club to the next. Not to mention all the hard work during the day trying to make money from this writing lark.

I was therefore very pleased to be asked to take a look at the Dinner4Tonight website by Co-operative Food. You can visit this section of their website to get ideas for those quick, easy meals that you just want to be able to make. No fuss, just dinner.

Dinner4Tonight gives you quick, easy dinner ideas for those days when you just can't be bothered to think of anything yourself. And we all know as parents how tough coming up with new ideas can really be sometimes! So for a spot of inspiration, why not check out the easy recipes?

Easy dinner ideas for families

If you have run out of dinner ideas, all you need to do is visit Dinner4Tonight and scroll through the options to find something fast and tasty to make. Each recipe has been chosen so that it has the ingredients that you can find at your local co-operative store.

It may be a simple thing, but a good lemon can do wonders for the flavouring in your food; we are going to make something yummy with these ones, so watch out! Check out Dinner4tonight for more great dinner ideas won't you?

Just look at these gorgeous lemons that I shall use to make the Lemon and Prawn pasta from the site. Don’t they just make your mouth water, and such a simple addition can give those recipes and basic foods that little “pizazz” ;-)

Sometimes, a little bit of the unexpected can go along way, well as long as its not interfering with your photographs of course….

My dinner ideas from dinner4tonight have been hijacked by a small boy - he got himself in my shot quite successfully there, right while I was trying to take a picture of all the simple ingredients you are going to need! Nevermind, plenty more dinner ideas where that game from over on dinner4tonight. Why not check them all out?

When I finally manage to get through to the actual ingredients, past Stuntboy, you will see that the most important thing about these dinner ideas is that they are specifically chosen so that they take very little time to prepare. The ones that we have looked at for the week are 10-15mins, and that’s so important for parents and families who are trying to fit healthy meals into their increasingly chaotic lifestyles.

Something for everyone

Most of the recipes are so simple that they don’t require too many ingredients either, so you are likely to already have a good portion of them, or it won’t take you long to nip out to The Coop to get them.

There are a variety of different recipes available on the site too, from Prawns to Beef, Chicken and Veggie dishes to explore.  All you need to do is swipe, or click through to find something that works best for you, or your family.

Why not see how we get on as we try some of these recipes, checking out the Cooperative Food and KiddyCharts accounts on Twitter, as well as following the #mademyday hashtag. We even have a giveaway for a £25 voucher for Cooperative Food too.

This is a sponsored post campaign, but we love the recipe ideas on the site, they are so, so easy to do. Ideal for parents, just like me.

We were asked by Cooperative Food to take a look at the Dinner4Tonight website, and these are just three of the dinner ideas on there for busy people, just like you and me. Perfect for evenings, and weekends with the family, these recipes are quick and simple to do. So simple, even me and the kids can do it!

Mellissa Williams

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

I never know what to cook so thanks for this! My husband loves cauliflower and broccoli cheese so I will bookmark this :)

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