Kids cooking recipes

Cook up a storm with KiddyCharts family friendly recipes. Kids can be fussy eaters, so we’ve put together a collection of children’s cooking recipes that will earn you brownie points (excuse the pun!). Getting kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to get them to try new foods while learning some new skills. From Halloween party food to birthday cakes, sandwiches and meat recipes, we’ve got something for the whole family. Get your kids cooking today with KiddyCharts free recipes.

Whatever the time of year, this forest fruit cake is going to be perfect for those hungry mouths at home. But if you are looking for a fall recipe, then this has got to be a hit too. Forest Fruits look gorgeous on it, and taste as good too.
Kids cooking recipes

How to make a forest fruits cake that’s perfect for the fall

If you are looking for something to make with those blackberries that will now be just about ready for picking in your local park, have a go at this scrumptious forest fruits cake from Stork that is so quick and easy to bake. Not only that though, it looks utterly yummy wouldn’t you agree? Yum […]

by Helen • August 25, 2015
Your kids will love this butterfly cake for their birthday cake, or any other time of year. Really simple to make but incredibly effective..
Kids cooking recipes

How to make a butterfly cake to help your birthday party fly

This Butterfly Cake looks and tastes absolutely beautiful. In fact, it looks so beautiful, you won’t want to cut into it! This recipe is just one of a series of recipes we will be featuring from Stork in their Bake with Stork series of recipes; watch out for the other on the blog in our Cook […]

by Helen • August 20, 2015
Gorgeous, and simple to make, vanilla milkshake. Ideal for the summer months as the ice cream in it makes for a wonderfully cooling drink.
Kids cooking recipes

Simple Vanilla milkshake even your kids can make

This really lovely vanilla milkshake is ideal for time of the year and is very easy to make with the use of a blender. It’s so easy kids can make them with little adult supervision. As always, think of the age and how sensible your child is before you let them use the blender. Yum […]

by Candace • July 9, 2015
We made pulled pork for our VE day anniversary celebrations at Duxford - worked out rather well don't you think? A slow cooker meal that can be cooking while you are enjoying yourself!
Kids cooking recipes

VE Day slow cooker pulled pork with apple and apricots #AchieveLazy

We went out all day today to watch the VE Day anniversary celebrations at Duxford Imperial War Museum… We needed something to make that you could just pop in the oven and forget; we were out for a long time and I didn’t want to have to worry about food once we got back. Enter our […]

by Helen • May 29, 2015
Look - we mad a star out of our Tuna Crunch!
Kids cooking recipes

Tuna Crunch-Munch

We have a lovely and simple snack recipe on the blog for you today – Tuna Crunch, which is really easy and cheap to make. An idea for teatime, or even as a snack when the kids come in from nursery, or school. Yum Tuna Crunch-Munch Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Total […]

by Helen • May 27, 2015
Mediterranean pies
Kids cooking recipes

Cooking with Kids – Mediterranean Puff Pastry Slices

Emma Button blogs at where she shares her tales of how to remain cool, calm and collected despite the pressures of parenthood. Emma is passionate about fabulous food for kids and shares many of her recipes for cookery with toddlers and young children on her blog. You can find Emma on Facebook and twitter. […]

by Emma Button • January 21, 2014
Kids cooking recipes

Christmas Gingerbread Baking with @makeyourowncake

Gingerbread is thought to be the oldest biscuit there is.  Ginger has been used as a preservative for hundreds of years and the spices are said to warm the blood.  In fact gingerbread dates back to ancient times when ginger was known for its medicinal properties, often used as a cure for stomach aches – […]

by Catherine Kelly • December 20, 2013
Kids cooking recipes

Spooky Halloween Cakes – #Crafting with your Kids

  Jaciinta is am a SAHM mum with 3 children who used to be a teacher.  She now spends her time as a freelance writer, blogger at Jacintaz3 and she is also writing her own children’s book.  Here, she shares her recipes for Halloween Cupcakes. Halloween calls for some scary treats and the children have been […]

by Jacinta Zechariah • October 22, 2013
Meat Recipes: 6 ideas
Kids cooking recipes

Making meat recipes fun for kids: 5 tips to encourage meat eating

This is a sponsored post from Country Valley Foods. Sometimes it’s not easy giving our kids a balanced diet, particularly when we are blessed with fussy eaters. So, after the success of our post on encouraging your kids to eat vegetables by giving them a little added crunch, we thought we would turn our hands […]

by Helen • October 16, 2013
How to cook turkey: Glasses
Kids cooking recipes

How to cook turkey….or how not to stuff up your Christmas lunch

  I went to Stamford Bridge last week…and no it wasn’t to watch Liverpool in another glorious victory *I wish* I was actually there to learn how to cook turkey at a Marco Pierre White Masterclass from Lean On Turkey to make sure that this year I had a perfect Christmas lunch. It is going to […]

by Helen • September 23, 2013