Sponsor the Honkosaurus! #TeamHonkDanceathon

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g in a Dinosaur Onesie for Red Nose Day - that HAS to be worth a bit of sponsorship money doesn't it? *th March is the big day - support KiddyCharts if you can!!


Come one everyone – Sponsor the HONKOSAURUS!

After my aborted attempt to draw a Honkosaurus, the lovely and very talented Alice, from Life as Alice, put together this wonderful picture for me…what do you think?

I suspect that this is the cutest that I am ever, ever likely to look.

The big day is on the 8th March, and we are nearly there in terms of preparations, but we still need a little more cash.

Make the Honkosaurus smile by donating now!

After all, if Comic Relief and Alice can make me dance for 6 hours, surely it can help you to dust off those wallets and give to the needy both here and in Africa?

HUGE thanks to Alice for drawing this for me…and if anyone fancies having a go at animating it, then do let me know – would love to actually have the Honosaurus dancing before the big day ;-) Thanks so Dino Tales for sponsoring me £200 as well, so I get to wear my onesie; WITH an excuse for doing it!

Sharing is caring!

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