10 reasons you need to give yourself a break from social media

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How long do you spend scrolling through your social media profiles each day? If you haven’t thought about this yet, the answer could be… too much time! it might be worth considering this as all that time spent on Facebook and Instagram could be affecting you and your kids.

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

Social media can take up a lot of time – I know, I’ve definitely been stuck infinitely scrolling – and has a few other negative aspects as well. Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why it will be worth it.

It will improve your sleep

girl asleep in bed.

As a mum, you will know just how precious sleep is. And that it’s in very short supply when you have kids! The screens of phones and tablets emit a blue light that isn’t visible to the naked eye, but can affect the body and mind’s ability to fall to sleep at night. So, rather than scrolling through your phone at night, why not enjoy a book in bed or a relaxing bath?

You’ll have more time for the kids

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

There’s no denying that social media is a complete time drain. That’s time that you could be spending with the little ones. When you are caring for your children, you need to always be focused on them to make sure that they are safe and happy. If you are glued to your phone all of the time, you won’t be there for them when they could really need you – or just want your attention!

It will stop you comparing yourself to others

person standing in one blue and one yellow shoe.

If you find that you keep on feeling down when seeing everyone’s perfect lives on social media, then it will certainly be time to enjoy a digital detox. It’s all too easy to compare our lives to your friends and influencers, even though we all know that we only ever post the highlights reel on our profiles. It’s still easy for us to feel fed up about it even if we do know that people only post their best bits, so do take a break from social media if it ever gets you down.

Likes? What likes?!

Like spelt in Scrabble letters

Getting likes from other social media users can quickly become addictive. In fact, some people find that their happiness depends on these likes. That shouldn’t be the case as you have so much in your life to be happy about, such as your family and children.

You can interact better face-to-face

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

Interactions on social media are never the same as conversing with a friend face-to-face. Rather than tweeting or DMing someone, reach out to them and see if they are available for a catch-up over a coffee. Talking to them in person will be a lot more meaningful indeed. 

You’ll always be present in the moment

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

When you are staring at a screen looking at social media, there could be so much around you that you are missing. For instance, you don’t want to be scrolling through Twitter when your young child takes their first steps or says their first word. Put down the phone and be in the moment.

You can enjoy more privacy in your life

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

A lot of people are now starting to become a lot more aware and concerned about their online privacy and so limit what they share on social media platforms. However, there is only one way you can keep your life as private as possible – come off social media completely. 

There’ll be more time for chores (unfortunately!)

Vacuum cleaner.

Just think of what you could get done if you didn’t have social media to distract you! You would have more time to finish all of your chores and wouldn’t feel so stressed trying to squeeze them into your schedule. By enjoying a social media break, you might find that your home becomes a lot tidier and more organised!

It’s a good example for kids

Person reading a book by sea.

Not many parents want their children to spend hours online. Kids learn through example, so it’s really worth setting a good example yourself. If your kids don’t see you constantly on your phone, then they will be a lot less likely to end up addicted to social media too.

It’s better for your mental health

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

For some people, social media can be a constant drain on their mental health. If you take a break, then your mental health will also be able to enjoy some respite. You won’t compare yourself to others and you won’t feel a need to live your life in any particular way. You can enjoy a lot more peace of mind and time relaxing with your family.

So, do you think you will take a break from social media?

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See you again soon.

Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself a break from social media? Here are 10 reasons why you should

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  • Taking a break from setting clear boundaries for social media use is very important! It isn’t healthy for us at all.

  • Agree with all the points it’s better to interact face to face. And likes aren’t everything. Also social media impacts our mental health a lot.

  • Those are some important reminders to keep in mind. We often get so busy with social media that we forget the things that are precious to us.

  • I know I need breaks because it can effect me going to bed on time. I think it also helps you bond with people better especially with your kids. Be a good example.

  • So true! I always give myself a break from social media. Usually during the 1st quarter of the year

  • A break from social media does help you regroup your thoughts. Also, it helps you connect with those who are present in your life.

  • Social Media is like a vacuum that pulls you in and before you know it, a lot of time passed by and you wonder where you’ve lost it. It’s good to take a break from social media and don’t let it control our spare time.

  • Sometimes social media can be so suffocating. Some Days I just don’t look at the app. And I stopped the notifications.

  • Some parents have made it a habit to stay addicted on social media. This is very wrong. The kids are the ones suffering negligence and this is likely to affect their mental and psychological development.

  • This is such an important topic! The mental health boost and grounding that comes from a social media break is powerful! Many thanks for that reminder.

  • This article is compelling. I was fascinated from the first sentence and couldn’t turn my attention elsewhere until I finished reading it.

  • I’m a blogger / vlogger / social media specialist but I have learned to make it a point that on weekends, I have minimal interaction on social media save for personal stuff. It really helps with mental health.

  • love the reasons youve enumerated here. and i agree with you that we can be way more productive if we just limit our social media browsing.

  • It is a must for us to take a break from social media. I used to be on it like most of my waking hours but somehow, I just got tired of all the drama. Now the max time I spend on social media in a day is about 2 hours, and most of it is checking email.

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