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New Year celebrations: Past, present and future?

New Year Celebrations; Bring on the fireworks!

New Year Celebrations; Bring on the fireworks!

Ally Pinney over at AP Virtual Services has just tagged me in a New Year Meme; thankfully it doesn’t involve resolutions, so I can take part. As you can see from my post on New Year resolutions for kids, me and resolutions don’t tend to share the same pages….

So here are my thoughts on her questions, and thanks for mentioning me Ally.

What is your earliest New Year memory?

Do you know, I can’t remember that much about them when I was a kid; our parents didn’t really do too much for New Year. The earliest ones I can remember were the ones at University, and when I say *remember* I mean that in the loosest sense of course, for obvious reasons….

What is your best New Year memory?

Dancing with my husband in a dress I had bought especially for the night, that ended up with red wine all down the front of it as the millennium party went so well! Never wore the dress again as it was silk and therefore ruined, and I couldn’t get the stain out, but I still have it as its such a great memory.

What is your worst New Year memory?

Erm – I don’t actually have one. Now that could be for a couple of reasons:

a) My memory for New Year’s is always going to be a bit fuzzy due to the champagne fizzy wine

b) My memory is shot due to having two kids, a part-time job and a business so there isn’t enough room left in my head for New Year memories, alongside all the other crap

c) My New Year’s have always been fabulous.

Wonder which one it actually is?!?!

Who did you spend New Year with THIS year?

With a few close friends and their kids; we had a double sleepover, them and us – they entertained each other, and we had a ball, mainly because there was good food, great wine, an better company!

What is the most positive thing you want to happen in 2013?

I get my SEO sorted, and I am number one for every single reward charts search term on the planet! Oh, and I manage to contribute more to the family coffers because of it :-) On a more personal rather than professional level, that the kids continue to develop in the wonderful ways they currently are. My little girl is 8 this year, and my boy 6 – where did that time go?

I am not that up with memes, but I am guessing that I need to tag a couple of bloggers as well so that they can join in if they have the inclination, but they don’t have to of course.

So here goes; join in if you have the time; Stars and Roses, The Mummy Blogger, Mums the Word (though as I recall as you are starting something rather important in the New Year you may not have time…!) and Mummy Fever.

What are your favourite New Year memories – do share with us all if you can remember of course!?!

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Alison Pinney

Sunday 6th of January 2013

Some great answers there Helen :-) x

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