My daughter will be seven in October so we still believe in the tooth fairy, which is why we have a tooth fairy progress and behaviour chart design. She wanted to have it; and she said it so sweetly I couldn’t say no…

A few weeks ago, she lost another tooth, to leave her with the lovely gap-toothed grin she now sports.

Unfortunately, we had a massive tooth fairy fail, which resulted in my daughter writing this rather cute tooth fairy letter….

¬†Tooth Fairy Letter: Chatterbox’s take on the fairy fail…

Chatterbox tooth fairy letter after *toothfairyfail*

Chatterbox tooth fairy letter after *toothfairyfail*


As she is still learning a bit on the handwriting-front, let me tell you what she wrote:

“To tooth fairy. I can’t find my coin. can you tell me where you put in, pleas?”

In her excitement, she had pulled the pillow off the bed so hard, she’d knocked the tooth off her bed. And as she has a high-sleeper, it had fallen down the back of a poster below in her desk area….

Not that we knew that. So we struggled, and struggled for ages looking before my daughter came up with writing the letter. Which was lucky really, because mummy had no idea how to get out of this one at all. I tried the old:

“Well, the tooth fairy must have forgotten”

…trick, but…

“She didn’t, mummy. She’s taken the tooth, so she must have either run out of money at the other houses, or she put it somewhere else. I write letters to Santa, so lets write her a letter to ask her where she put it.”

Times are indeed hard. Even in tooth fairy land. Our fairy only gives 50p as it is, not sure Chatterbox was too pleased with the idea that the recession had hit so bad, she wasn’t going to get anything at all.

Obviously, we managed to find the coin in the end; I did have to distract my daughter with pink, shiny things while I sneaked off to look though….

Have your children ever written a tooth fairy letter? Have you had a tooth fairy fail too? Do let me know below.