I have had some appalling experiences in customer service recently.

Just really, really bad; when you feel that you could do their job better with your hands tied behind you back, standing on one leg, with hearing difficulties, and attempting to eat a sandwich, type bad…

However, this lovely graphic from Nickmom made me realise that actually, chatting to customer service is NOTHING like trying to deal with a toddler, particularly a stuntboy toddler who seems to have an uncanny nack for finding trouble in a church….

In fact, perhaps the best way to deal with customer service is to just give in, and pass them over to your toddler?

Toddler or customer services: Toddler win hands down!

Toddler or customer services: Toddler wins for you, but what about you?!

Source: Nickmom 

So what do you think, for me its the toddler that wins, but lets have a straw poll in the comments, is it toddlers or customer service? What do YOU feel?

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