How to choose your paint colours: Infographic


Hubby and I have been doing a bit of DIY recently, and is actually got us thinking about the rest of the house, not just the kids bedrooms…and we realised that the whole place needed a lift. We have been here for nearly 10 years, and it isn’t just us that is getting old and tired. The place could really do with a lick or two of paint.

However, I am NOT an interior designer, and my DIY skills are actually relatively basic. We struggle to work out what colours are best where. Hombase seems to be lending a hand here, so not only can I get my paints off their shelves, but I can also grab a little bit of inspiration from this clever infographic on what colours work best in different rooms within the house. Importantly, it also explains why, so you could mix and match. Who wouldn’t want a little bit of the bedroom in the lounge for example?!? ;-)

Homebase Home of Colour infographic – choosing a paint colour scheme

Choosing a paint colour scheme – an infographic by the team at Homebase.

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