DiskoPets: Now it is possible for online cartoon games to help kids to play AND learn

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Are you looking for a way for your kids to play, but learn at the same time? Of course you are; but you wouldn’t expect online cartoon games to do this for you, but there is a new one in town, DiskoPets, and it is designed to do just that for you.

DiskoPets is a new game for kids that helps learning through play in a cartoon world.

DiskoPets is aimed precisely at helping kids to play and learn hand in hand in a safe, simple, cartoon world. We are all looking for a way for the online world to help our kids to learn. DiskoPets is a first in online cartoon games. It helps younger children to learn in an cartoon environment they will love to play in, while their parents can see their progress, and even customise what they are doing.

YOU have a chance to be involved, and to feature in the game, along with your kids as the funding on Kickstarter for the new DiskoPets game begins.

Click here to help your kids learn in a fun way AND to get involved in gameplay

You can support DiskoPets for as little as $10, where you can get a credit within the game, or as much as you want, where you will really become involved with the characters and the game production. You could even get featured on the site, get some exclusive merchandise, and get access to the game as soon as its released at a great value rate. Get those kids learning for even less!

But what is DiskoPets all about? Here is a first look at the gameplay within the online cartoon game:

DiskoPets is based on the idea that kids learn best through:

  • Simple games,
  • Cartoon and engaging environments, and
  • Characters that are funny and easy to understand.

DiskoPets is simple so that kids can understand, but adults were happy letting their kids explore the online cartoon world independently to give them the opportunity for learning in a safe, colouring and playful environment.

The five characters within the game, which kids look after in their own island which floats in our skies, each have their own personalities.

DiskoPets is based on a floating island in the clouds; a perfect places for online cartoon games, and kids imaginations to take flight!

As children play and look after their pets, the characters learn from the kids, and their personalities develop based on the interactions that the children have with them. This is done through decision trees, and then artificial intelligence.

The Diskopets world has various locations, and gameplay will expand in time. Games, and learning can be carried out in each location, such as, from the kitchen, where kids learn about nutrition, and the garden when they grow their own vegetables…

DiskoPets online cartoon games are based on different locations within the DiskoPets world. The Garden is where kids can plant and nurture their own vegetables, and learn at the same time.

…and the art studio where they are able to have fun making their own pictures.

In the DiskoPets art room within the online cartoon games environment, kids can really let their creative juices flow.

Areas to explore include their home, the city and streets, Playland, the garden, the art studio, puzzle tower, which kids can learn in a TV type show environment, the kitchen, and the dance studio.

So come along to DiskoPets and say hello to Emily the penguin, Tiger Mike, Ashley the bird, Bear Bobby, and Aye-OO the Robot, and help your kids to learn while they play.

There are five characters in DiskoPets online cartoon games, and each has their own personality

This is a sponsored post for the DiskoPets kickstarter campaign; a great new idea in online cartoon games. We love the concept, and can’t wait to see it in production in a few months time. Check it out for yourself.

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