Capturing Life, Laughter and Love – a 2015 Instagram Photo Challenge

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What better way to capture places, and people that you love than through photos…

If you are like me, and love using your mobile phone for capturing those special moments, then we have something that little bit marvellous for you; a year long photo challenge to get you back into your photography, or start you off on a new photographic journey. All you need is Instagram on your phone and a love for taking pictures…

Parenting can be a wonderful, confusing, exciting thing - we need to capture those memories so we remember the good and bad times. Join in with our photo challenge and you can do just this every single day!

How Can I take part in the Capturing Life, Laughter and Love Instagram challenge?


This year, I am collaborating with 19 other bloggers to help us, and you, preserve those wonderful memores that make us smile, shed a tear, and remember. Photography is so important for us to be able to capture those special moments of us, our kids, families, and beyond.

Sign up and we will send you a list of prompts at the beginning of the month, so you know what to focus on each day. You can even use the hashtag #capturinglifelaughterlove on Instagram to be able to see what others are sharing on the App. Go on, take a look, you might just find someone that has the same thoughts, ideas and feelings about life as you.

If you would like to join in, then do fill out your name and email address below and we will send you the writing prompts at the beginning of the month.

Join in with Capturing Life, Laughter and Love

If you don’t fancy sharing your photos publically, that is OK too. You are welcome to sign up and get inspired without sharing with everyone. We just want you to keep those memories alive.

Your free eBook for taking part – 20 Tips to help you improve your Instagram photos


We appreciate the time it takes to do a challenge like this, so in return we are offering a free eBook to all of you that sign up, with a tip from every blogger taking part in the challenge, and helping to host it. From everything to how to photograph food, to taking pictures safely of your kids on Instagram; there is something for everyone. We will send the eBok to those that sigh up as soon as it is ready.

Meet the other 19 lovely hostesses


It is my pleasure to introduce you to the other hostesses in this wonderful challenge, go visit their blogs, see their memories, and maybe even take their advice, do some of their activities, and generally spread the parenting love around.

Teachers of Good Things | Beyond the Inspiration | Marianne Sutherland | 4 Hats and Frugal | Confessions of an Over-worked Mom | Vicki Arnold | Day by Day in Our World | Simply Fresh Vintage | Joy Dare | Beauty in the Mess | MommaDJane | Selah Reflections | Turning Clock Back | Philzendia | Happily Blended | Super Mommy Club | Real Life at Home | A Virtuous Woman | Totally the Bomb

Have fun with your photos – that is, after all, what this is all about. I am now off to take a picture of the weather for the next challenge! Come join me :-D

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