Angel printable dice numeracy game

Angel printable dice game

We at KiddyCharts sure like free and fun printable games. But we also like learning too. So this Angel Printable Dice Game for kids is just perfect if you are looking to combine practising numbers and  having fun at the same time. This Angel printable dice game is perfect for working on number skills, and also […]

by Helen • November 24, 2016
Over 30 fathers day gift ideas from KiddyCharts. Be sure to make one of these great crafts for your LOs Dad.

30+ Fathers Day gifts for toddlers to make

That time of year is upon us again… It is time to celebrate Dads – yay! With over 30 Father’s Day gifts for you and your LO to choose from, there will be something fun here to make, which will be loved and cherished. We all know by now that pretty much every day is […]

by Helen • June 14, 2016
Mess free Father's Day card. Make dad smile with one of these cards. Make it today.

Father’s Day card craft : Mess free activity for babies

Mess free guarantee with this fun Father’s Dad card craft! Are you looking for a Father’s Day card craft activity for your baby or toddler without worrying about messy hands or clothes..? Then our mess free Father’s Day card craft is the solution!   By using a freezer bag babies and toddlers can have finger […]

by Helen • June 7, 2016
Teaching money to kids from an early age is not only wise, but it saves a lot of time when they are teens! The most important lesson for them to learn isn't necessarily what you think it might be...

The most valuable lesson in teaching money to kids

I have always believed that it is really important from an early age to make sure we are teaching all about money to our kids; helping them to explore the value of cash. Not with a view to creating mini tycoons, but to help them understand that people, and in particular, their parents work to provide for […]

by Helen • May 27, 2016
How to teach finance to your toddler. Make your children money savvy! Start today
Parenting Tips

Teaching kids about money: Getting your toddler to understand

Teaching kids about money – make your toddler finance savvy It’s never too early to ensure your children appreciate the value of money.  Not that your child should know the ins and outs of your mortgage, but rather that most things in life come with a monetary value. When I was little my father played […]

by Helen • May 25, 2016
The article about hazards of democratic parenting
Parenting Tips

Parenting Styles: Why giving younger kids a household vote won’t work

I love democracy. In fact I’m a huge fan. I cannot imagine not having any input in what goes on around me, even though that input seems to effect less social change over time. Democratic parenting is one aspect of those parenting styles that we hear about. In summary, it means that your kids have a voice in […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • February 10, 2016
Download these two valentine reward chart designs, you can get the kids to colour them if you want as well - more buy in better results!
Printables Reward Charts

Valentine reward charts

It is February, and you just can’t get away from the fact that Valentines Day is around the corner, so we have put together some simple track based Valentine reward charts with a bit of a love theme for you and the kids; just in case there are any pressing challenges that you would like some […]

by Helen • February 9, 2016
THis is the lovely scene in Animal Kingdom of Edward swinging through the jungle - a great still, and now you can colour it in!
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Animal Kingdom colouring pages and activity sheets

We know you all love a good printable on this blog; its very probably one of the key reasons that you are here, so we have a massive treat for you. We have created some wonderful Animal Kingdom colouring pages and activity sheets for you to enjoy in celebration of both Chinese New Year, and […]

by Helen • February 4, 2016
20 Monkey Activities and Crafts

20 cool monkey crafts and activities for kids

If you are following up with the Chinese New year, you probably know this year is the year of monkey and for that occasion we’re sharing some of the most fun monkey crafts and activities with you. Grab your colouring pens and print this monkey coloring page from KiddyCharts (pictured top left) This is a […]

by Helen • January 29, 2016
40+ Paper Plate Animal Crafts For Little Ones To Make

40+ animal paper plate crafts for the kids

Get ready to be crafty, as we are sharing a whole lot of absolutely adorable animal paper plate crafts for you to make with your little ones. 1. We start this round up with this awesome paper plate Chinese dragon from KiddyCharts 2.  Or maybe give this fierce crocodile craft a go from Easy Peasy […]

by Helen • January 22, 2016