12 Days of Christmas

Win Cubetto wooden toy to teach youngsters to code #KiddyChartsAdvent

It is DAY THREE of our 12 festive Christmas giveaways in 12 days! If you missed the other days, do check back and look at them all. Today you can win this awesome Cubetto wooden toy to teach youngsters to code! THE AWARD WINNING CUBETTO PLAYSET NOW AVAILABLE Educational toys for kids are in demand this Christmas. Among […]

by Helen • December 3, 2016

Win a Samsung SmartCam PT worth £139 and help keep an eye on your child #KiddychartsSummer

On day 5 of our summer countdown where we are giving away a new gift for parents every single day for 12 days, we have a rather exciting piece of technology for you. Parents always want to be with their baby or toddler but sometimes leaving them is inevitable, using the new Samsung SmartCam Pan […]

by Helen • July 18, 2016

Win Thirsty Plant Deluxe Gift Box from Tech will Save Us and get your kids into science! #KiddychartsSummer

We are into Day 7 of our summer countdown, and its the weekend – so what better day to share a wonderful activity kit for the kids, that really gets their brain cells working from Tech Will Save Us. We have a wonderful giveaway today – a Thirsty Plan Deluxe Gift Box for you and […]

by Helen • July 16, 2016
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#Win six month subscription to Readly giving you access to all the magazines you ever dreamed of! (two available)

As a blogger, I sometimes get really, really cool stuff to do. Contrary to popular belief though, bloggers do pay for things. In fact, we pay for a lot of things. Particularly the stuff that we really love. Readly is something that I have been paying for every month because it is brilliant. For only £7.99 a […]

by Helen • May 24, 2016
Playbrush turns your toothbrush into a game controller for their apps. Now your kids want to brush their teeth!

#Win with Playbrush so your kids can play and brush too! (two available)

We have a treat for you today. We are working with Playbrush again to get all your wonderful children brushing their teeth, without the pain. Playbrush is a toothbrush add on that turns any toothbrush into a fun toy for kids, that means they’ll want to brush their teeth every single day. As you can […]

by Helen • May 19, 2016
DiskoPets is based on a floating island in the clouds; a perfect places for online cartoon games, and kids imaginations to take flight!

DiskoPets: Now it is possible for online cartoon games to help kids to play AND learn

Are you looking for a way for your kids to play, but learn at the same time? Of course you are; but you wouldn’t expect online cartoon games to do this for you, but there is a new one in town, DiskoPets, and it is designed to do just that for you. DiskoPets is aimed precisely at helping […]

by Helen • April 25, 2016
10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online
Parenting Tips

10 things for kids online to learn

It’s hard to find a household without internet nowadays, and having our kids online is part of everyday life. Kids learn to use computers, tablets and smart phones at a very early age. It’s not all just about fun and games; smart technology can be used for learning too. To prove it, check out these […]

by Helen • April 11, 2016
Dinner4Tonight gives you quick, easy dinner ideas for those days when you just can't be bothered to think of anything yourself. And we all know as parents how tough coming up with new ideas can really be sometimes! So for a spot of inspiration, why not check out the easy recipes?

Quick, delicious and easy dinner ideas every day for busy people #mademyday

I love cooking. Most of all though, I love cooking for the kids, and my husband. Sometimes though, I really struggle for dinner ideas, and inspiration. We are all permanently tired, right? So coming up with weird and wacky ways to present Broccoli so the kids will eat it is probably not high up on […]

by Helen • January 26, 2016
Playbrush is an ingenious smart technology device that fits on to any ordinary toothbrush turning it into a gaming device to help encourage children to brush their teeth. We have more information on the Playbrush, and one to give away for free too. Closes 18th Feb.

#Win a Playbrush worth £49.99 to make teeth cleaning fun for everyone

We have a treat for you on the blog today, an exclusive giveaway, for a very exciting new product to help reduce those tooth brush battles. Playbrush is a unique device that attaches to any manual toothbrush, turning it into a gaming controller. It gets kids to play fun and instructional mobile games on a smartphone/tablet whilst […]

by Helen • January 21, 2016
We are offering you the ability to help your kids be safe on the internet with this year subscription to the HomeHalo internet guardian angel that helps you to manage what they see and whey they use their devices. Closes 16th Dec.
12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

#Win HomeHalo internet safety subscription (£75) for the kids; your internet guardian angel

We have been rocking it with the giveaways this week,. some fantastic prizes already up for grabs, with Scooters, toys and more toys; even the odd nappy thrown in too ;-) Today though, we are going high tech on you all as we give away a year’s subscription to the HomeHalo router and internet safety […]

by Helen • December 8, 2015