Summer Activities

Are you looking for something to entertain the kids over the summer - or just to make you think of more sunnier times? Check out these 11 free summer themed colouring sheets. They should do just that.
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Collection of ALL summer colouring pages

  Well, that’s it.  Our collection of summer colouring pages is over but fear not, we have brought them all back to you in one single place to download them all. During these past few days we have learnt about crabs, how many different cloud types there are and shared some information about sea shells. […]

by Helen • July 17, 2015
shell colouring printable
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Shell printable sheet

  Today is the last day in our free colouring printables and I hope you have enjoyed what you have downloaded.  We’ve had a variety of pages from crabs to buckets and spades to the sunshine.    We will be bringing all of these together for you tomorrow in case you have missed them into one […]

by Helen • July 16, 2015
boat coloring printable
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Boat colouring printable

  We are almost at the end of our summer colouring printable series and, in our penultimate day, we have for you a sailing boat. Gliding gently across the still waters of the sea, a boat can be a perfect way of catching those sun rays whilst just lazing about on the deck. Have you […]

by Helen • July 15, 2015
This warm sun colouring sheet is now available for you to download, perfect for the summer
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Sun colouring sheet

  We all need a little sunshine in our lives but it does seem to be a bit lacking at the moment, don’t you think?  We had some glorious days just recently but now that has been marred by the cloud and rain that is currently filling our skies. I am sure, though, that colouring […]

by Helen • July 14, 2015
Seagull and Cloud
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Seagull and cloud colouring page

  Your summer would not be complete without a seagull or two and a fluffy white cloud in the equation, would it? Did you visit a beach this weekend?  Did you see lots of seagulls?  I’m sure there would have been plenty of cloud, especially near the coast. What do you know about clouds?  Did […]

by Helen • July 13, 2015
Free Coloring Pages

Shell coloring page

  Welcome to another colouring sheet printable that we have exclusively for you today.  Our theme today is shells and we have quite a collection to be coloured in on this sheet. We heard earlier in the week about crabbing and using our buckets and spades but do you also collect sea shells?  There is […]

by Helen • July 10, 2015
Download this crab coloring page to add to your crab collection
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Crab colouring freebie

We are back with another crab coloring page … he is a little different … honestly! Here are some fun crab facts for you: 1. Crabs vary in size with the smallest species being a Pea Crab and reaches from 0.27 to 0.47 inches in length.  The largest species of crab is a Japanese Spider […]

by Helen • July 9, 2015
bucket and spade 1
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Bucket and spade colouring sheet

You cannot possibly enjoy summer (or the beach) without a bucket and spade.  I tried to find out how many buckets and spades were sold in 2014 but I guess it was so gastranomically high that there was no data available.  I would say that they are the number one piece of equipment to take […]

by Helen • July 8, 2015
This is a great activity for the summer - making your own bird feeder with the kids! They really will love getting stuck in with this one.

Home made bird feeders

We love watching the birds come to feed in our garden in the mornings and evenings and have such fun identifying which birds are which and watching the babies in the late spring. A great way to encourage birds to your garden is by providing them with something to eat – like these DIY bird […]

by Heather Sunderland • July 7, 2015
Download this palm tree colouring page to add to your growing collection in our summer countdown
Free Coloring Pages Printables

Palm tree colouring sheet

  There can be no more perfect beach than one with a palm tree growing on it and swaying in a gentle breeze.  Unfortunately, you may have to go somewhere abroad for that view, possibly the Bahamas.  Now, wouldn’t that be nice?  I fear that may be a long way off for me and my […]

by Helen • July 7, 2015