Awesome How Cities Work from Lonely Planet Kids
12 Days of Christmas

Win How Cities Work from Lonely Planet Kids #KiddyChartsAdvent

You have an awesome chance today on DAY FIVE of our 12 festive giveaways in 12 days to enter for a chance to Win How Cities Work from Lonely Planet Kids to the lucky winner on our chosen day. Get ready to explore the city in a whole new way: inside, outside and underground. How Cities Work is […]

by Helen • December 5, 2016
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Win a Lonely Planet kids book bundle for summer travel funtime! #KiddychartsSummer

We only have four days to go in our summer countdown now, and so today we are going to inspire a love of travel with some wonderful books from Lonely Planet Kids to giveaway. All the other giveaways are still open so don’t forget to check them all out. Now though, you can kickstart wanderlust in […]

by Helen • July 19, 2016
Twelve dancing princesses is a charming story for the kids, and we have some lovely activities to accompany reading it from Storytime magazine, as well as the opportunity to get a free copy of the mag too. Visit the site for colouring sheets, posters, a word search and more now!
Free printable activities & reward charts

Twelve Dancing Princess activities with Storytime

This month Storytime has some free printables based around the beautiful tale of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, where a brave young soldier finds out how they wear their shoes out every night! The Twelve Dancing Princesses features in this month’s Storytime, along with The Proud Peacock, Stig of the Dump, The Mouse Deer and the […]

by Helen • June 22, 2016
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Great giveaways for kids & parents

#Win six month subscription to Readly giving you access to all the magazines you ever dreamed of! (two available)

As a blogger, I sometimes get really, really cool stuff to do. Contrary to popular belief though, bloggers do pay for things. In fact, we pay for a lot of things. Particularly the stuff that we really love. Readly is something that I have been paying for every month because it is brilliant. For only £7.99 a […]

by Helen • May 24, 2016
Harry Potter Roundup
Free Activities For Kids

25 magical Harry Potter activities for wizards everywhere

You don’t have to travel to Hogwarts to become a wizard, the first steps to becoming a wizard just like Harry Potter can be done in the comfort of your home with the help of one of these Harry Potter activities and printables for kids. 1. Five HP essentials to make new parents lives easier […]

by Helen • April 29, 2016
Harry Potter is one of my favourite books, but I bet you didn't know that the Harry Potter magical stuff would be so good at helping parents everywhere did you? Time Turners would be life savers, and so would some of the others. What would Harry Potter give to you to help?
Parenting Tips

Five Harry Potter essentials to make new parents lives easier

Reading and being a new parent, they don’t go together. When in god’s name do you ever find time to read books when you are looking after your little bundle of joy? Despite this well know fact, I managed to read Harry Potter all through breastfeeding my kids; while I was breastfeeding them. Harry Potter […]

by Helen • April 27, 2016
World Book Day
Free Activities For Kids

World Book Day : 8 of the best bookish world records

There is something truly wonderful about seeing a child curled up with a good book, engrossed in a story or engaged with facts. In honor of World Book Day, has handpicked 8 of the best bookish World Records! Image Credit: Books in a row via Shutterstock 1. The World Book Day Bumper Book Quiz. […]

by Helen • April 19, 2016
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free Sleeping Beauty fairy tale printables from Storytime

As always, KiddyCharts tries to bring you some of the best resources for your children – and free resources where we can, but also heads up on some of those resources that need a little, but give back a lot! Storytime magazine is one of the UK’s leading kids magazines, with subscribers from all over […]

by Helen • April 13, 2016
FIVE free posters with great reading quotes for libraries, classrooms and kids bedrooms. You name it, we've got it. Perfect for World Book Day of course, but just as good anytime to encourage your kids to read!
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free printable reading quotes for World Book Day posters and beyond

World Book Day is upon us in the UK, but that shouldn’t mean that we are focused on reading for just this week, oh no. Reading should be in our thoughts and minds everyday. We have scoured the internet for some great reading quotes, and quotes about books so that you can decorate classrooms, libraries and […]

by Helen • February 29, 2016
Our favourite Dr Seuss book has always been Wocket in my Pocket. Wonderful idea, and such a greqt book to really get the kids' imagination going.
Free printable activities & reward charts

Dr Seuss Wocket in My Pocket coloring and activity pack

We love Dr Suess. He is, quite simply, the best thing ever *according to my kids.* Dr Seuss books, have been delighting kids for eons, but our favourite has always been a Wocket in my Pocket. Because I don’t like to disappoint, we have put together a wonderful activity for you at home, or in […]

by Helen • February 25, 2016