Cute and Easy Heart Valentine Card for Toddlers
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Easy heart Valentine card for toddlers

Today we have been making a simple Valentine card. Instead of buying a heart shaped stamp for my child to use I have used a cookie cutter which I already had in the cupboard. Want to make one too? Just follow this simple tutorial. This Valentine card activity requires a steady hand for stamping so is […]

by Ilija Damjanovič • January 25, 2017
Glitter and color fireworks craft for kids
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Easy firework craft for New Year and beyond

We are preparing for New Years Eve celebrations with the children today by making these firework craft. We’ve made two different types of artwork; one with paint and one with glitter. You can choose to just do one or make both! These are great for learning about colour recognition, for developing fine motor skills and […]

by Helen • December 14, 2016
Augmented Reality Dinosaur DNA set
12 Days of Christmas

Win Augmented Reality Dinosaur DNA set (3 available) #KiddyChartsAdvent #DinosaurDNA

It is DAY SEVEN of our 12 festive advent giveaways in 12 days! You can win Augmented Reality Dinosaur DNA set (3 available) from Great Gizmos. If you missed DAY SIX – you can still win the Message in a Bottle £60 bundle including a Kiki cuddly toy, so there is still plenty of time to enter. Discover […]

by Helen • December 7, 2016
BFG activity sheet
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BFG activity sheet

This free printable BFG activity sheet has something for everyone. Does your little one enjoy solving word search puzzles? Or do they like solving mazes more? Or maybe you want to do a fun craft with them? You will find it all in this activity sheet printable set. BFG activity sheet So many fun activities to be […]

by Helen • November 18, 2016
Five activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills
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Five activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills

Check out these five simple and fun activities for kids using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills. I’m a big fan of using everyday items as learning activities for children and kitchen tongs can be great to help develop fine motor skills. The action needed to use tongs is similar to that of using scissors […]

by Helen • November 9, 2016
What do we think are the best outdoor and water toys for the kids to play in the garden. We've picked them - why not check them out. You are going to LOVE them!
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Six of the best outdoor and water games and toys for older kids this summer

It’s time to chuck the kids out into the garden with a few outdoor toys so that you can get a bit of peace and quiet. Alternatively, you might even be mad enough to join in… But what water games and other toys are there that are a little different for the garden, and can […]

by Helen • June 24, 2016
Free printable activities & reward charts

Princess and the frog printables for Storytime

You will take story time to a whole new level with these princess and the frog printables for storytime. This is one of the more popular fairy tales and with these activity printables, kids are going to enjoy it even more. There are a whole bunch of fun printables waiting for you to print them, […]

by Helen • May 16, 2016
15 reasons to teach your kids archery
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15 reasons to teach your kids archery

Long before Katniss Everdeen, there have been heroic archers peppered throughout history who have sparked the imagination of many a child! From William Tell (he of son with apple on head fame!) to Robin Hood, Susan Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, Legolas and the Green Arrow… the list goes on. It is great to […]

by Helen • May 11, 2016
Sensory bottles for babies are a great way for them to explore the world arround them. Sensory play is a great fun craft for mums and babies.
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Sensory bottles for babies and toddlers

Today, we have been making these colourful sensory bottles for babies and toddlers, with lots and lots of glitter in….so watch out ;-) They are cheap, easy to make, and babies and toddlers love them! Best of all, you probably will have most of the materials at home already.   Sensory bottles are great for helping […]

by Helen • April 15, 2016
LLoyd Warbey giving us a craft workshiop
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Perfect playtime for kids and parents too

Sometimes blogging gives you opportunities that you didn’t think were possible…and recently, I was able to present at a blogging event on Pinterest with my daughter watching. I never thought I would be able to take my daughter to work and she actually enjoy it, or even get excited about it on the train beforehand…. […]

by Helen • October 18, 2015