OPtimus Primes isn't your traditional toy for that Superhero Stuff, but why not - we think he's pretty cool, don't you?

Superhero stuff: The ultimate superhero gift list

I HAVE a little Superhero, and he loves all that Superhero stuff, from keyrings, to cards, and jigsaws, Nerf guns, figurines and everything else in between. If its got a Spiderman, or a Captain America symbol on it, then it rocks. I am pretty sure that he is not the only one that loves Superhero gifts […]

by Helen • October 21, 2016
Win £150 voucher with Novasol Holiday Homes
Giveaways Open giveaways

Win a £150 voucher for Amazon, Toys R’ Us or M&S with NOVASOL Holiday Homes

As you know, we like to find great competitions for you on the big technology type thingy known as the t’internet, and we have come across an excellent opportunity for you from NOVASOL. Novasol is part of Wyndham Worldwide, which is one of Europe’s largest self-catering providers with 48 years’ experience and 40,000 holiday homes in 29 […]

by Helen • October 13, 2016
Fathers day poem free printable

Fathers Day Poem

We have got something really special for you for Fathers day, a lovely printable with a Fathers Day poem from the heart. This little poem shares some Father’s Day Thoughts, and will most certainly make a wonderful gift to be treasured for years to come. Dads truly are awesome. It really does not matter what type of parenting […]

by Helen • May 30, 2016

Father’s Day printables as gifts for Dad

We’ve got something for the best dad in the world today, a lovely set of Father’s Day printables as gifts for dad. It’s wonderful that this special holiday is becoming more and more popular don’t you think? To make the day special for the father in the house we are sharing a lovely set of […]

by Helen • May 23, 2016
A lovely free printable poem for using alongside your child's footprints in a perfect Mothers Day gift.

Printable Mothers Day poems; Hand and footprint gifts

I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is almost with us. Personally. I can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas everyone comes up with. In case you are stuck, we have some printable Mothers Day poems for you, that can be the centrepiece of a hand or footprint craft, which you can then turn into some […]

by Helen • February 24, 2016

Printable paper and tags for your Mothers Day messages and gifts

We love giving you some thrifty ideas for all those events that crept around on you, and take those hard earned coins from you. So this week, we are giving you some free printable Mothers Day wrapping paper and gift tags for you to use to help write those all important Mothers Day messages on […]

by Helen • February 17, 2016
Playbrush is an ingenious smart technology device that fits on to any ordinary toothbrush turning it into a gaming device to help encourage children to brush their teeth. We have more information on the Playbrush, and one to give away for free too. Closes 18th Feb.

#Win a Playbrush worth £49.99 to make teeth cleaning fun for everyone

We have a treat for you on the blog today, an exclusive giveaway, for a very exciting new product to help reduce those tooth brush battles. Playbrush is a unique device that attaches to any manual toothbrush, turning it into a gaming controller. It gets kids to play fun and instructional mobile games on a smartphone/tablet whilst […]

by Helen • January 21, 2016
Out the fun back into your relationship post kids with our free love coupons for your other half. From days as a spa to a bit of bedroom sexy time, we have the love coupon for you. And even if you just want to give that special someone some time to themselves, we have it covered! Love coupons that recognise the chaos of being a parent too!

Free printable love coupons: Designed with parents in mind

Love coupons; so what the hec are they then? Well, the idea if simple, they are simple coupons that you can give your other half offering to do something that little bit special for them. We have some to share with you today as part of the Love Blog Hop we are doing with some […]

by Helen • January 12, 2016
We have the perfect gift list for bloggers everywhere. What would you add to the list though? What gifts would you like to help with your blogging and the balance in your life.
Blogging Giveaways

The perfect blogging gift list

Today we are talking Santa’s wish lists in 12 Days of Parenting, do check out some of the other posts from my fellow bloggers including Spice, Life and Laugh and Monkey and Mouse. I am trying to focus on my parent blog at the moment, I thought I would chat about bloggers gift lists, or wish […]

by Helen • December 14, 2015
we have some great ideas for gifts for fussy eating. Kids like to explore food, and play food, and cooking is one way to do this to encourge good eating habits in your kids. From salads to fruit; we've got the lot!

8 great gifts to help your kids to love their food

Toddlers and eating. Sometimes it can be a trial. It even feels like you spend half your life sitting at the table and waiting for them to eat their greens, or try that odd new shaped vegetable that you have put in front of them….but here is a little thought for you…. Give them lots of […]

by Helen • October 31, 2015