What makes good rewards for kids when you are using one of our progress charts or reward charts?

I have written about what rewards you can choose for your reward charts in the past – and what often works well is doing something that gives your kids a little bit of one-to-one time. Anything from a full on crafting session to a bit of a run about in the park.

But what would YOUR kids choose if they were given the chance? I asked my kids, and they drew up this list of ideas for you all….

Good rewards for kids

And in case you all need a little bit of a translation, they picked the following….

  1. Fish and Chips
  2. Softplay
  3. Happy meal
  4. Daddy; seeing Daddy at work
  5. Bowling
  6. Duck pond
  7. A book; chosen from a charity shop usually
  8. A story; an extra one at bedtime
  9. Night time; an extra song at bedtime
  10. Meal out
  11. Skate park
  12. Swimming
  13. A visit to the park
  14. Craft time
  15. Museum visit
  16. Picnic
  17. Going for a walk

As you can see, some of these are incredibly simple, such as an extra story, or song before going to bed, but are enough for them to be more than happy with their achievements, and their chose rewards for whatever it is we are trying to encourage.

It doesn’t have to be a new toy, or a £50 piece of kit. Sometimes a cuddle, a bit of praise, and a smile is all it takes, and is reward enough for your child.

What do you think? What would your kids pick as their treats? Would they have anything else to add to my children’s list?

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