I don’t normally do this. There are four very important men in my life; my son, my husband, by brother and my Dad. Sometimes things haven’t gone well for us. Sometimes they have. A fathers day poem for every loving dad Sundays are not posting days for KiddyCharts, but I am being slightly sentimental. I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful Dad, and to marry Brad, who is a fabulous father to our two kids. So here is a thought for them and for all fathers everywhere. Its not Shakespeare and its cheesy, but it’s Father’s Day, so who cares!

Thought for Fathers Day

A graze A cry A broken-heart He’ll dry the tears away He’ll pick you up to start again Small Big Alone No matter what He’ll be there when you need him A friend A playmate A clown Your Dad.
If you liked this lovely poem you can get it in a printable version in this Fathers day poem post. Inspiration for Fathers Day poems doesn’t come easily to someone like me, I’m a private wee lass, but somehow it seemed right to put this into words, even though they are very simple ones. Being a Father is one of the most amazing things in the world, and having that little person that relies on you, and loves you can be so mind-blowing sometimes. We have a few other resources on the site which you might like to take a look at for Fathers Day: Come on everyone, Fathers Day Poems are a lovely touch on Fathers Day, but how about going one step further with a lovely craft, or having a really hard think about what your Dad, or your ittle one’s Dad really means to you and them?