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All I seem to say is “No” – Why it leads to negative feelings

  Do you, like me, sometimes feel all you say is NO? There are some days when I feel I have said no all day long. ‘No you can’t do that’ ‘No you can’t have that’ ‘Don’t do that’ ‘Leave your brother alone’ ‘Leave your sister alone’ ‘STOP’ It can … Continued

Easter Coloring Pages: Free

Easter Coloring Pages: The Easter Bunny Comes to play!

Last week we had a few Easter colouring pages, and today guess what – we have some more Easter coloring pages! The time though, there are a few different themes for you all, with an Easter Bunny, a lovely little Easter chick, and some rather gorgeous Daffodils. Plenty to let … Continued

twice a mummy double the fun

Parent Blogging All Stars #26: Twice A Mummy Double The Fun

This week’s parent blogging all star is Michelle of Twice a Mummy Double the Fun.  Michelle started blogging to keep a record of girls’ achievements and special memories:   Your Name: Michelle Maggs Blog Name: Twice A Mummy Double The Fun What are the sexes and ages of your children?: … Continued

Brilliance in Blogging Awards: Vote for KiddyCharts

Drinking, blogging and sitting on ski poles…

This last week my kids have mostly been skiing – and I have mostly been messing about with my blog. I don’t ski; I do believe that I mentioned my skiing holiday with the kids last year where my little ski mice put me to shame on the slopes. This year, … Continued